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do you have a link where we can download your smart-previews catalog?


Once you open Lightroom, go to the Library module (you can hit the key G).

1. First, select all the photos that you want to send for editing

2. While all the chosen photos are selected, go to File>Export As Catalog. When the menu window pops up, choose a location to save and give it a new name (for example: “smith-wedding-2”. Last, make sure that that only the appropriate check-boxes are selected exactly like the image sample below.


3. Go to the location where you just saved the recent exported catalog in step 2, find the 3 items (sometimes 4), select them, and compress them into one folder (right click menu>compress). Once compressed into a single compressed folder, you will upload just the compressed folder to dropbox. Name the compressed folder just the same name as the last time (smith-wedding-2).


IMPORTANT: Do not rename or change the location of the raw files while your photos are going through the editing process. When you receive the edited catalog back, it needs to sync back to the raw files in your drive, so it has to remain the same as when you created the smart previews. Any changes to names or locations of the raw files will prevent the catalog to sync back. Also, any edits that you do to photos included in the outsourced images will be undone and overridden by the edited catalog delivered.